Cool Hosting Plans(3) Also called "site hosting", this is a service offered by web server companies to enable you to load your website on the World Wide Web for viewing. These web hosts store and upload your HTML data and other connected files on their server, from personal web pages to online stores.
Since the Internet erupted into the scene a little over a decade ago, more and more people have been creating their own websites, enabling Internet access and hosting to become more accessible in terms of price and ease of use. Many ISP (Internet Service Providers) now also offer free hosting packages as well with their packages, making it possible for practically anybody in the world today to become part of the World Wide Web.
A good reseller host can be more cost-effective and offer you more services than a traditional host, customized to highlight the strong points of the parent host.
Resellers typically enhance their hosting packages with web design and management services in order to provide additional value to their clients, dealing with the parent host on your behalf from maintenance to tech support. Learn more about reseller hosting
For the first-timer, deciding on the ideal web hosting package may seem intimidating with the massive choice of web hosts and packages around.
Nevertheless, once you clarify your specific needs, it can be simple to find the package that suits you. Also, it is useful to know that many web hosting companies will allow you change or move from one package to another as your needs change and grow.
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There's free webhosting, premium webhosting, image hosting, domain hosting, dedicated servers, server co-location, and managed hosting. What are they, and which is right for you?
Must-read in-depth reviews of some of the most popular webhosting companies, based on everything from first impressions to reliability, to cost-effectiveness.

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