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Must-read in-depth reviews of some of the most popular webhosting companies, based on everything from first impressions to reliability, to cost-effectiveness.
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General Impression - Category Rating 96%
Host Excellence has been in business for several years. With a top-of-the-line data center and customer support office, Host Excellence hascontinuously improved its performance and outlook. While recently re-launcing their web site with more aggressive hosting plans and prices, Host Excellence has really started putting the heat on the competition. Their very large and generous selection of hosting plans, coupled with superb customer service and network reliability, have resulted in extremely quick loading websites and high customer satisfaction. During our review, we had very few complaints and many great observations and feel obligated to rank Host Excellence #2 on
Price & Cost Effectiveness - Category Rating 91%
If youfre looking for great deals on web hosting services, look no further. Being a very customer-oriented business, Host Excellence has a large selection of services and payment options. When combined to fit your specific demands, they provide the most bang for your buck.
Savings start the moment you sign up. With options to pay in advance, setup fees are waived and free months can be tacked on for no additional charge!
Reliabilty - Category Rating 91%
During our extensive hosting experience with Host Excellence, we have had hardly any server outages. It would be a lie to say they have never been down - everyone of the hosting companies we reviewed have had downtime, on occasion.
The question is not IF downtime happens, the question is when it happens - and on that occasion, it is very important to have a hosting company that is capable to quickly resolve any ongoing issues, so your site is back online in no time.
Data Center - Category Rating 96%
As the title indicates, we have personally visited and "examined" Host Excellencefs data center. The importance of doing that is obvious. You might have heard of the "story" that 90% or more of the web hosts are just resellers, and another 9% are just co-locating in some other data center, without direct physical access to the machines. That's not a story, that's plain reality.
This is why we have personally verified that Host Excellence's data centerfacility actually exists by paying them a visit at their facility. You can find the data center's address on their website.
Connectivity - Category Rating 95%
Host Excellence currently has two redundant (SONET) fiber-optic connections. They have built their own fiber-optic loop, which means that they do not depend on any telephone companies for the last mile, or the local loop. This automatically gives them a higher reliability than any other "rented loop" hosting company, or co-location facility.
Host Excellence has multiple DS3 and OC3 connections to various Tier1 network providers such as MCI, Qwest and ATT. The connections are delivered by Bell South and KDL over two seperate fiber-optic loops. At the time we visited their facility, they were busy getting a new OC-3 line (155mbit / s) from ATT for their future expansion.
Customer Service - Category Rating 86%
The support they provide can be rated as excellent, especially their LIVE CHAT feature. What's nice about their support is that you have 24 / 7 support via an online ticketing system as well as real 24 / 7 live chat tech support and sales service. While we only encountered a few small problems, their support staff was quick to provide us with answers and make any necessary adjustments. We commend them for their prompt and reliable support!
Control Panel - Category Rathing 85%
Host Excellence has developed a unique control panel for their hosting sites. Frankly, their control panel software is one of the best available in the market. They use HSphere ( as their hosting control panel with the bigadvantage being that they offer both, LINUX and WINDOWS based accounts.
Through testing, the control panel has been very fast and very reliable. It is very user-friendly and easy to operate. Included is an extensive customer guide which can quickly guide even the most reluctant novice.
Overall Rating: 93%

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