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Price & Cost Effectiveness:
Lunarpages offers decent pricing on their web-hosting plans. For a mere $7.95 a month, it comes with 800 MB of space and 40 GB of traffic. They also offer a $22.95 web hosting package, which has double the amount of features. But for most users, the $7.95 is sufficient enough. In addition, all web hosting plans purchased from Lunarpages comes with unlimited toll free support, which isnft common in most web hosting companies. Among the many options available, they also offer the options to purchase ASP on the Linux platform for only $1 extra per month and JSP for an additional $2 per month.
Data Center:
Lunarpages uses Dell Power Edge 2650 servers, with their data center located in downtown Los Angeles. Their latest servers are quad Xeon 2.4 GHz Xeon processors, with 6 GB of memory and three 70 GB Raid Disk Drive. Compared to other web hosting companies, they dominate over any other server offered by any Web Hosting company. They tend to add several powerful Dell servers every month and with every server they add, it gets more and more powerful. This shows how much they care about their web hosting business and web hosting clients. They currently use state of the art net infrastructure equipment and plan to offer many new features in the future such as load balancing. Furthermore, they are connected to premium Tier-1 Backbone providers and are multi-home with Level3, Genuity and Cable and Wireless. As a result, you will get above average web hosting performance and reliability that other providers normally charge a premium for.
Customer Service:
Customer support at Lunarpages is superior and they are very responsive to clients' questions and inquires. Even e-mail support questions always get answered in a timely manner and well. This is very different from any other web hosting company out there. Accounts are usually setup the same day after they verify the order with you over the phone within thirty minutes to one hour. It is essential that a working phone number be inputted into the system in order for your account to be setup immediately. They offer a UK and US toll free number for web hosting clients. They're one of the very few companies in the US offering a toll free UK number, which is a positive for UK web hosting clients.
Control Panel:
Lunarpages currently utilizes the latest version of the CPanel 5 control panel. The features are pretty much the same to other CPanel, such as mailbox modification, password changes, ftp login modifications, statistical information, and so on. CPanel doesnft offer any web-building tool, but for web hosting administration it offers the user an easy and intuitive interface along with powerfully packed features.
Lunarpages is definitely a choice of web hosting for many users. Not only does it score high with best features for the price, but it is also great because you can call toll-free when you are in need of assistance. Other companies offering plans this low normally require that you e-mail them for support inquires, and even if they did provide support over the phone, there would be long distance charges. Give Lunarpages a shot and you will not regret it.
Overall Rating: 90.0%

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